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2016 So Far + New Video

2016-03-18 18:10:15 by InkClod


Oops, it's been a minute.


Hey guys, I'm temporarily back to write this blog post and shamelessly advertize myself!

I've been completely booked up for the past year with paid commissions and personal projects, 

writing and designing has taken up the majority of 2016 so far, not to mention I'm still in senior year.

Almost all of the scripts I'm writing are specifically for Distraction District, a hub-channel for FleshRaider and I.

We recorded a "Skype Hype" with our bud Brian last week and we think it turned out pretty decent,

so if you need some noise while animating, we got you covered.

(Like and Subscribe or something?)

Anyways, that's all for now. Gonna go back to being dead.

-Dean Emm


Halloween Video Thingy!

2015-10-31 18:51:44 by InkClod

 YO Happy Halloween my niggas.

I haven't been doing much lately other than commissions, but one thing I HAVE been doing is making videos for my collab channel (Distraction District) with ExplosiveCake. We put up a commantated timelapse a few months ago, and just today we uploaded something called "Skype Hype Movie Night" in which we watch really shitty movies and laugh at them. PRETTY BIG STUFF, DUH.

Anyways, you can check both of those videos out over on Distraction District. More stuff coming soon!


Commissions n Such

2015-08-20 22:38:39 by InkClod

Yo I'm doing commissions again, buy somethin' will ya!

I'm working on a new video on the side (EP1C HOOD PRANX), as well as a new SleepyShorts videos that I'll be releasing on my illustrious collab channel called Distraction District.

I'm planning to release all this shit sometime this month and early September, so stay tuned yo!~

New Video + Commissions!

2015-05-16 20:29:05 by InkClod

Been a while, but since Ive been gone, I released a SleepyCast cartoon with various clips from the podcast, check it out! 


I plan to make more of these over the Summer, as well as some new concent from my brain. I also started doing commissions again, so please consider checking this out and HELPIN A BROTHA


SleepyCast Animated Comin Up

2015-02-07 14:05:14 by InkClod

Working hard on a dumb SleepyCast Animated, I'm doing 10 clips, which isn't as cool as it seems lmaoo, each clip is like 10 seconds long so WHATEVS. But yeah, that's next, here's a preview


New Video! Things to Come in 2015

2015-01-11 14:12:34 by InkClod

Hey guys, this video is just to fill you in on all the shit I'll be probably making this year, and some sneak peeks at a fewnew cartoons actually. Check it out!


I also voiced in my friend ExplosiveCake's new cartoon, check that out as well.



Doing Commissions!!!

2014-10-18 19:05:40 by InkClod

Hey guys, I'm doing commissions over on Tumblr, so message me there!
Also the Attack On Titan parody is on hiatus for a bit, mainly becauseI wanted to work on something else.

Anyways, go check out the post!


I'm curently making a TOTALLY HILARIOUS Attack On Titan parody which is draining everything out of me, I'm putting a shitload of effort into the animation and the coloring/shading/highlighing, which is time consuming as all hell. Should be out within a month, there's a LOT that has to be done yet. Check out these screenshots:



2014-06-09 14:30:50 by InkClod



E3 Cartoon in the works

2014-05-21 20:50:51 by InkClod

I've been powering through this cartoon, it should be done in a few weeks, I wanna upload it near E3 because why not, anyway, here's a screenshot. See ya whenever I upload it.