Entry #24

2016 So Far + New Video

2016-03-18 18:10:15 by InkClod


Oops, it's been a minute.


Hey guys, I'm temporarily back to write this blog post and shamelessly advertize myself!

I've been completely booked up for the past year with paid commissions and personal projects, 

writing and designing has taken up the majority of 2016 so far, not to mention I'm still in senior year.

Almost all of the scripts I'm writing are specifically for Distraction District, a hub-channel for FleshRaider and I.

We recorded a "Skype Hype" with our bud Brian last week and we think it turned out pretty decent,

so if you need some noise while animating, we got you covered.

(Like and Subscribe or something?)

Anyways, that's all for now. Gonna go back to being dead.

-Dean Emm



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